Rules for Member Associations

Member associations use high-quality guest accommodation to make historic houses self-sustainable. This type of ‘soft’ tourism provides owners with an income, safeguards the future of buildings and contents, and creates permanent employment in rural areas.

·                     Our houses family homes, not hotels.

·                     They are all lived-in by the owners who greet their customers as guests.

·                     They are all special in the way hosts welcome and entertain guests, in their character and style, and in their furnishings and surroundings. 

·                     Houses should be more than 100 years old. Essential modern facilities must be fitted sensitively

·                     The public rooms and bedrooms are as you would expect to find in a well-maintained family home. 

·                     The style and quality of decoration, furnishing and fittings must be appropriate to the building.

·                     Both house and contents should be impeccably maintained and spotlessly clean.

·                     Beds, bedding and linen must be of high quality in good condition.

·                     All bedrooms must have direct access to their own private bathrooms.

·                     The heating and plumbing systems must be capable of meeting requirements.

·                     Owners must not operate restaurants, bars or retail businesses on the premises.

·                     An evening meal must be available on at least five nights each week, even if this is by prior arrangement. For obvious reasons this rule is not usually applied to town houses.

·                     Members publicise themselves discreetly, frequently using the names of their houses. They do not advertise as hotels or B&Bs. 

·                     Signs are usually simple and of high quality. Large hoardings or displays of awards at the entrance are unacceptable.

·                     Currently the lower limit is one double room and the upper limit is ten double rooms.

·                     There are no set prices for accommodation or meals.  Everything should be of good quality and provide good value in order to safeguard the associations’ reputation.

·                     The strength of each association is the confidence members have in each other. The largest single source of business is from satisfied guests who have stayed at other members’ houses, or in those of other members of Europe of Traditions.

·                     An Association to be member of ETC need to be at a national level and to have a minimum of 18 members.

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