Casa da Eira

Casa da Eira remounts to the 17th century and monks that belonged to the Convent of Sanfins de Friestas built it. It stopped being farming house and it was completely restored and adapted to joining the rural Tourism, it is maintaining its “Eira” (threshing floor) and “Espigueiro” (the original granary). It is surrounded by a calm garden organized in “socalcos” enjoying an excellent view over the Minho Valley.



Germano Costa Fonseca
Laços - Gondomil, 4930 694 Gondomil, Valença


Languages spoken:
all year
Gondomil, 8 km from  Valença
1 double and 4 Twin Bedrooms.
Garden, fishing, walking, Swimming pool

English, French and Spanish

TURIHAB - Solares de Portugal
Praça da República, 4990 - 062 Ponte de Lima - Portugal
TEL: (+351) 258 742827 FAX: (+351) 258 741444  

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