Casa do Ribeiro

The house as it stands today, was constructed in the 17th century by the ancestors of today's residents. The interior is brimming with antique furniture and curios - even its ceilings are a delight to behold, some of them beautifully painted. The floors are not to be missed either, with their 'Arraiolos' rugs (Arraiolos being a town in the Alentejo renowned for its elegant hand-woven rugs, with origins in the 18th century).


Luis Manuel Fernandes de Almeida Ferraz de Menezes
S. Cristovão de Selho, 4810-316. 7 km de Guimarães

March to November
3 Double Rooms & 1 Single Room
Chapel, Gardens, Library,Walking, Fishing.

TURIHAB - Solares de Portugal
Praça da República, 4990 - 062 Ponte de Lima - Portugal
TEL: (+351) 258 742827 FAX: (+351) 258 741444  

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