Casa dos Varais

Set in the heart of the Port wine region, Casa dos Varais overlooks the enchanting Douro valley. Although the present building dates from the early 18th Century, the original construction is believed to be from the 15th Century. Varais has witnessed a somewhat turbulent history, having been invaded by Napoleonic troops in 1808 and almost completely destroyed by fire in 1940. Today however, visitors will encounter a splendid mansion in a tranquil setting.



Lúcia Josefina de Castro Girão
Cambres, 5100-426 Peso da Régua



Languages spoken:
April to October.
1.5 km from Peso da Régua.
3 bedrooms (2 doubles with complete bathroom and 1 twin with shower)
evening meal available on request
Wine tasting, walking
English and French spoken.

TURIHAB - Solares de Portugal
Praça da República, 4990 - 062 Ponte de Lima - Portugal
TEL: (+351) 258 742827 FAX: (+351) 258 741444  

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