Casa do Ameal

Casa do Ameal was purchased in 1669 for just 3,500 shillings by the Faria Araújo family who still resides there today. It is thought to have been built in the 16th Century, although no exact date is known. In keeping with traditional Minho noble houses the entrance courtyard is adorned with a stone fountain and pond. The proprietors of Ameal have thoughtfully provided an authentic handicrafts and folkloric display, and exhibit antique costumes belonging to their ancestors.


Maria Elisa da Costa Pereira de Magalhães Faria Araújo
Meadela, 4900-585 Viana do Castelo



Languages spoken:
all year
1 km from Viana do Castelo.
7 apartments (3 for 4 people and 4 for 2 people).
evening meal available on request
seminars max. 100 people, swimming pool, gardens, beach nearby.
English, French and Spanish

TURIHAB - Solares de Portugal
Praça da República, 4990 - 062 Ponte de Lima - Portugal
TEL: (+351) 258 742827 FAX: (+351) 258 741444  

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