Quinta do Rei

Quinta do Rei combines its distinct rustic ambience with an air of elegance. Set in the picturesque environs of Estorãos, this is the perfect spot to unwind and ramble through the surrounding countryside.



Maria Fernanda São José Bibiano Martins Ferreira
Estorãos, 4990-590 Ponte de Lima

Languages spoken:
all year
Estorãos, 7 km from Ponte de Lima.
3 apartments for 4 people.
walking, fishing, swimming pool.
English, Spanish and French spoken.

TURIHAB - Solares de Portugal
Praça da República, 4990 - 062 Ponte de Lima - Portugal
TEL: (+351) 258 742827 FAX: (+351) 258 741444
info@turihab.pt   www.solaresdeportugal.pt  

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