Het Schepenhuis


"Het Schepenhuis" is a century-old white farmhouse build around a square courtyard. In its rich history the building served as a tavern, brewery and even as a courthouse. Our guests stay in a separate, luxuriously furnished, part of the property and have their own entrance and terrace. The surroundings offer many possibilities, like walking in the beautiful hilly landscape, making city trips (to Maastricht, Aachen, Liège) or visiting antique markets.

Price band

€ 105 (breakfast included)



Mheer, 10 km from Maastricht (near Belgium and Germany)


living room, 2 bedrooms, private bathroom


the neighbourhood offers a variety of restaurants


Non-private bathroom with shower and toilet. One of the rooms has a private sink. In the living room you’ll find a radio/cd-player, games, fridge with softdrinks, coffee and tea


Het Schepenhuis
Bert & Mariëtte Vos
Dorpsstraat 40
Tel: +31 43 457 48 03
E-mail: hetschepenhuis@planet.nl






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