Huis Nederhoven


Nederhoven is a small estate in the middle of Limburg.The entrance is a lime-tree lane about 200 years old. The oak- and beach trees in the little forest have the same age. The main house was built in 1614. The former stables have been rebuilt in 1969 as a dwelling house and is now used as the guesthouse. The buildings, house, guesthouse and farm are surrounded by a ditch and the quietness of the countryside.

Price band

35,- / 32,50 p.p. breakfast included
82,50 arrangement with Restaurant Baexem



9 km from Roermond on the westbank of the Maas


guesthouse: 2 bedrooms (1 double; 1 4-single) 1 doublebed on the 1st floor.


restaurants in the neighbourhood/Baexem


cycling, walking,sailing, swimming, golf at Weert and Herkenbosch


E. and J. van Basten Batenburg - Dahmen
Nieuwstraat 65,
NL-6099 AA Beegden
Fax: +31(0)475571439






Erfgoed Logies
Rijksstraatweg 18, NL 9752 AD Haren, Nederland
TEL: (+31) 50 53 50 202 FAX: (+31)50 53 50 203

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