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The Hague Suites is located between the centre of The Hague and the seaside resort town of Scheveningen nearby the Statenkwartier and was opened for business in 2002. The three very stylishly furnished suites are situated in the residence next to our dwelling. Both buildings date from 1890. At a walking distance from the The Hague Suites the The Hague Municipal Museum, the famous Mesdag Panorama, and several restaurants and diners are to be found. A wide range of excellent restaurants, exquisite shops and beaches in Scheveningen are easily accessible by means of public transport.

Price band

Room rate per night including breakfast, drinks and tourist tax 425,- based on double occupancy.
Reduced rate if you stay for 3 or more nights.



The Hague


3 Suites


Restaurants in the neighbourhood


Suite 1 is on the ground floor. Bath, shower and sinks are integrated in the bedroom. It has its own kitchenette. Suite 1 has a living room in the conservatory. Four doors open to the terrace and to Dick Beijer's garden.

Situated on the second floor Suite 2 is our largest suite. It is frequently used as bridal suite. Bedroom and living room are very spacious and have their own fireplaces. From the balcony one can enjoy the designer garden. It has an en suite bathroom with double bath and a mega shower. Its kitchen has all amenities, including stove, oven and Miele espresso machine.

To reach this quiet third top floor suite the use of the small lift is recommended. It is the more serene suite with almost black adobe walls. Both bedroom and living room have their own fireplace. From the balcony one can enjoy the garden. It has a separate bathroom with double bath and a mega shower. Its kitchen has all amenities, including stove, oven and coffee-machine.

All suites are non smoking. You are allowed to smoke in the lounge, on the, balcony and in the garden. Check in time 15.00 hrs, check out time 11.00 hrs. Upon arrival a welcome drink (champagne) Pets & children not allowed



Haagsche Suites
Guido en Irene van den Elshout
Laan Van Meerdervoort 155
NL-2517 AX, Den Haag
Tel: +31 70 36 47 879
Fax: +31 70 34 56 533






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