Het Paradijs


The name of this homestead originates in the fact that it has its location on a section of the former seigniory Kerkwijk, which bears the name The Paradise. The history of the residence goes back to 1820 when at a stone's throw from the oldest church in the Bommelerwaard the basis was created for the present situation. A flood in 1861 and preferences on the part of the former occupants have through the years resulted in several changes with regard to furnishing, fortunately however without doing to much violence to the original atmosphere of the residence. In 2001 a complete renovation was carried through and the portal was restored to the majestic ambience the extant house front does presume.

Price band

Room rate per night 125,- including breakfast based on double occupancy.
Diner 3-course menu 28,50 p.p.
Bike hire 7,50 (if you stay for only 1 night)
Bike hire is included in the price if you stay for 2 or more nights.



Den Bosch, 13 minutes by car


1 room


3-course meal on request. Restaurants in the neighbourhood.


Private entrance, living, bedroom and bathroom. Child cot available


Het Paradijs
Eva van Velsen
Achterstraat 6
Tel: +31 418 64 31 20
Fax: +31 418 64 38 18
E-mail: het-paradij@ision.nl






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