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This is where I have the opportunity to do what has been very dear to my heart for years: offer space to artists who want to exhibit their work and organize workshops through which people find new ways to express themselves. In these hectic times, following your creative impulses is a way of getting to know other dimensions of yourself and getting round to the inner call for relaxation and pleasure. In this attractive house, I especially want to create an open meeting place for people who look for peace and quiet, enjoy art or want to develop their artistic talents.Inspiring contacts, listening to music or cabaret or following a fascinating workshop can create sparks that give life depth. People who want to enjoy the quiet in peace, want to have the space to do whatever fits into their lives significantly or artistically, will feel at home in the garden house or in the guestrooms within doors. You can read there, write, prepare a lecture or meeting or give free rein to your artistic talents. Quiet and freedom provide surprising ideas! Whichever way you want to make use of the good atmosphere and the welcoming space, for whichever purpose you want to apply your inspiration.

Price band

Tuinhuis (garden house) 85 per night incl. breakfast Guest room 75 per night incl breakfast



The small ash-village of Wezup is situated between the translucent woods of south-east Drenthe. This is the location of the beautiful farmhouse in which I have been able to realize all my ideas about the Kunsthuis.


There is one guestroom in the house. Separate from the house there is a garden house that is equipped for a stay of 2 people (bed-sitter, cooking facilities and shower).


Various restaurants in the neighbourhood


Both guest rooms offer a private bathroom with shower and toilet. The garden house offers also cooking facilities.


Kunsthuis Interlokaal
Wezuperstraat 10
Tel: +31 591 37 29 55
E-mail: info@kunsthuis-interlokaal.nl
Internet : www.kunsthuis-interlokaal.nl






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