t Olde Hof


Description 't Olde Hof is an accommodation in a historical monument with an atmosphere of the olden days. Stay in a completely restored Drentse farmhouse situated in one of the best preserved village landscape in the Netherlands. Beautiful with a diverse landscape where you can spend many pleasant hours. 't Olde Hof is a stylish base for a tour of discovery in Groningen,Friesland and Drenthe.

Price band

From 100.- to 125.- per night Breakfast: 8,50 p.p.



Westervelde, Drenthe 2km from Norg and 17 km. from Assen


3 guesthouses for 2-6 persons


Breakfast included, simple meals available on request, restaurants in the neighbourhood.


garden, tennis,swimmingpool,sauna.storvatt,walking,bicycles


t Olde Hof
Dirkje Heida-Nienhuis
Olde Hofweg 5-7
Tel: +31 592 61 27 33
Fax: +31 592 61 20 16
Email: info@oldehof.nl
Internet: www.oldehof.nl






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