Het Heerenhuys


Are you in search of a lovely spot where rest and space are still present, but where you are, however, surrounded by conveniences and recreational facilities, then you are most welcome in Het Heerenhuys. This manorhouse lies in the south-west of Drenthe among numerous characteristic farmhouses. It was build in 1878, as an accommodation for the local general practitioner. Here you can stay in style and enjoy the hospitality, the personal attention and the inspiring surroundings.

Price band

75 - 90 for one night





4 double bedrooms, each with a luxury bathroom. A cosy lounge with a kitchen and a beautiful room for breakfast


Good restaurants in he neighbourhood


Garden, tennis court, hot tub, sauna, solarium


Het Heerenhuys
Clasine Wouters
Dijkhuizen 121
NL-7961 AJ Ruinerwold
Tel. 31 522 481077
E-mail info@heerenhuys.com
Internet www.heerenhuys.com






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