Huis ter Hansouwe


The bishop of the city of Utrecht ordered this premise to be built in the 14th century on a spur of the Hondsrug. The residence is located at the transition from the Groningen pastures to the Drenthe landscape which has an abundance of woodlands, village greens, ashes, small fields and brick roads lined with old oak trees. In the town of Groningen which lays only 8 miles from the residence the Groningen Museum is worth visiting as are the many galleries, theatres, the casino and various pop music and jazz stages.

Price band

Room rate per night including breakfast 75,- based on double occupancy
Room rate per night including breakfast 68,- based on double occupancy from the 2nd night
Room rate per night including breakfast 60,- based on single occupancy
Room rate per night including breakfast 57,- based on single occupancy from the 2nd night.



City of Groningen 12 km, Roden 6km, Peize 2km.


1 room


Restaurants in the neighbourhood


The room has a private bathroom. Walking, biking, horse riding.


Huis ter Hansouwe
Cora de Jonge
De Horst 21
Tel: +31 50 30 90 520
Fax: +31 50 30 90 987






Erfgoed Logies
Rijksstraatweg 18, NL 9752 AD Haren, Nederland
TEL: (+31) 50 53 50 202 FAX: (+31)50 53 50 203

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