Molen Hunsingo


Molen Hunsingo is situated in the remains of an original Dutch windmill in the picturesque village Onderdendam, just north of the city of Groningen. Onderdendam lies on a junction of four canals. The two luxurious guestrooms are situated on the 2nd and 3th floor of the windmill. There’s a lunchcafé on the 1st floor and a little museum in the top of the mill. A magnificent view of the surrounding landscape can be seen from the stage.

Price band

Room rate per night including breakfast from € 100,- based on double occupancy



Onderdendam, 14 km from the city Groningen


2 guestrooms with living, bedroom and private bathroom (max. 4 persons per room)


Meals available on request, restaurants in the neighbourhood


Lunchcafé, terrace, museum, tourism information, cycling, canoeing, walking


Molen Hunsingo
Uiterdijk 4
NL-9959 PK Onderdendam
Phone (0031) 50 3049100






Erfgoed Logies
Rijksstraatweg 18, NL 9752 AD Haren, Nederland
TEL: (+31) 50 53 50 202 FAX: (+31)50 53 50 203

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