Het Wapen van Noordbroek


Where the country road from Zuidbroek to Siddeburen crossed the waterway from Sappemeer in Noordbroek to "t Waar and Termunten at the barrage of old this guesthouse, a stopping place for weary and thirsty travellers was located. The Duke of Alva had refreshment at this location in 1568, just before joining battle with count Lodewijk van Nassau in Heiligerlee. Noordbroek is a beautiful village with many monumental farms and residences and a Roman gothic church dating from the 13th century with a detached tower dating from the 14th century in front of the building. One part of the building is a gallery with modern art. One of the rooms is located on the ground floor, the three others are on the first floor. One of the rooms is available for handicapped people. Breakfast will be served with regional and biological products.

Price band

Room rate from 100 - per night including breakfast (based on double occupancy).





4 rooms


Breakfast included


4 rooms with with private bathroom and WC. Pets not allowed


Het Wapen van Noordbroek
Hoofdstraat 2
Tel: +31 598 45 09 64
Fax: +31 598 45 09 74
Mobile: +31 6 125 00 358 / +31 6 511 04 084
E-mail: info@wapenvannoordbroek.nl
Internet : www.wapenvannoordborek.nl






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