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Hospitality groups from five European countries comprise "Europe Traditionae" consortium. They have the common aim of seeking to preserve the heritage and culture of their countries and regions, and to share that with their guests, be this reflected in architecture, food or wine or other aspects of their patrimony.

All offer hospitality in private homes. As well as being dedicated to providing a warm welcome to guests, the five groups also work together in marketing and in promoting tourism to Europe. As necessary they lobby the EU to help maintain and develop this unique style of sustainable tourism.

President of Europe of Traditions


Europe Traditionae Consortium share a common aims and philosophy that is:

“The best hospitality a guest can enjoy is at home of his or her host”.


The aims and objectives of the Consortium are: to offer a personal style of hospitality in homes of character; to preserve and help their customers to enjoy the heritage and culture of their country and their region, be this reflected in architecture, or food and wine, and:

        ·        To promote an unique product – quality accommodation in private homes
·        To improve marketing skills and brochure distribution
·        To facilitate the exchange of ideas and networking
·        To promote tourism to Europe, particularly from Japan, America and Australia
·        To lobby on behalf of members in relation to EU legislation
·        To work towards the conversation and development of the culture and heritage of member countries.

This has been recognised by the European Parliament that has felt appropriate to commend Europe of Traditions as an example of best practice of inter-country collaboration to the officers of the European Commission.

As a result we had approved in the European parliament recommendation to the European Commission as follows:

 Calls on the Commission to organise, on the basis of respect for the principal of subsidiary, concerted action by the Member States to promote exchange of experts on the rehabilitation and restoration of the artistic heritage for tourist purposes, including the offer of training grants and encouragement of the creation of Transnacional networks on the lines of that of Europa Traditionae Consortium)”.

We were be able to develop an Ecos-Overture programme, which comprises the development of rural soft tourism in these countries, through the creation of regional/ national networks of castles, manors, farm and country houses, offering private quality accommodation. This will also help in preserving the cultural heritage in rural areas and creating a lasting employment. The networks thus created will become members of Europa Traditionae Consortium, Roses of Germany (Baviera-Germany); Vendégváró Ódon Házak Egyesulet (Vas County – Hungary) and Houses of Traditions (Ljubljana – Slovenia)

On running we have the project Europe of Traditions, a transatlantic visionwhich involve associations in Brazil: Preservale (Rio de Janeiro), Ametur (Minas Gerais),  Aceter ( Ceará) and as an observer APETURR ( Pernambuco). Encouraging the renovation and restauration of their heritage in order to corporate with our network.

The idea is to promote and develop Europe overseas and be able to motivate and attract visitors to the roots, which inevitably are in Europe.

Our most recent initiative has been to act as a catalyst along with our partners for a programme designed to assist development in associated countries of the EU, Hungary and Slovenia.

We got approved the candidature at Interreg III C – SUD:Europe of Traditions: a bridge for euroregions, eurotrad expanding the network to new countries: Austria (region Niederostereich – NÖ LAND and ECO-PLUS), Italy (region Friuli Venezia Guilia – Province of Udine and Region Venetto – Province of Belluno and Venezia) and Spain (region of Galiza – Xunta de Galizia) and to reinforce the existent associations in Hungary (Vas County) and Slovenia (Ljubljana).

We do believe we are creating the most important intervention in order to keep our heritage and environment alive. 

Francisco de Calheiros
Manager of Europe of Traditions

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