To be member of Europe of Traditions


2. The Group has its headquarters in Portugal in TURIHAB, Praça da República, Ponte de Lima, Portugal.

3. The objectives of the Group consist in the promotion and realisation of common actions and  promoters of principal activity of the "Gathered Members", namely:
a) To promote a quality product of accommodation in private houses.
b) To develop the marketing and distribution of brochures.
c) To facilitate the exchange of ideas and networking.
d) To promote tourism for Europe, particularly from Japan, America, Australia and other countries.
e) To promote relations with the European Union.
f) To conserve and develop the culture and the traditions of member countries

4. a - The members of the Group, are the "Gathered Members" and the collective members that join after the constitution.
 b - The decision of admission of new members will be adopted by unanimous agreement of the "Group".
c - The eventual cessation of participation in the "Group" of a member, requires authorisation given  by unanimous agreement.

5.  The members of the "Group" have unlimited liability. Each member of the "Group" must be responsible for their proportion of starting up costs, of the annual operating expenditure and will make prompt payment as set out in the group's financial procedures. (Î 1050 each year). The admition fee is 1050Î.

6.  Structure of the Group:

A - The General Assembly 
 The General Assembly competencies are:
a) To elect, dismiss and replace the Manager, in the need to do so. 
b) To deliberate for each relative annual report and accounts.

c) To deliberate about the proposed Plan of Activities.

d) To approve the internal regulations of the "Group" functions.
e) To invite the elements of the Consultative Council.
f) To practice all the other acts that do not fit in with the competence of the Manager.

B - The Manager
The Manager has the following responsibilities:
a) To propose the Association programmes for the "Group" and to submit them for the approval of the General Assembly.
b) To submit the annual report and accounts to be approved by the General Assembly. 
c) To propose operating procedures and regulation for the "Group". 
d) To propose an annual subscription to be paid by the members which will cover the annual costs.
e) To make proposals for any special projects that have not been allowed for in the agreed budget.
f) To manage the day to day administration of the "Group".

C - The Consultive Council
1- The Consultative Council is composed by a minimum of three individualities, invited by the General Assembly.

The Consultative Council will have functions of a consultative and orientational nature, related to the development projects of the "Group".



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